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FOXTROTT - Shields [Official Music Video] NOWNESS

by Kevin Calero
The inspiration for this visual came from the the song's empowering lyrics about a reaching a turning point during which you muster up the courage to move on and stand up for yourself. 🌈

"Its about letting go of an old sets of ideals and making a decision to set new rules. " - FOXTROTT

This the third and final chapter in the FOXTROTT X Street Parade dance-based collaborations for the A Taller Us album.

Read more here : https://www.nowness.com/story/foxtrott-shields-kevin-calero

Directed by Kevin Calero
Choreography by Wynn Holmes
Producer: Nico Archambault [ A Street Parade Production ]
Creative Director: FOXTROTT
DOP - Olivier Gossot
Art Director - Rebecca Blackwood
Performers - Daniel Alwell, Toshiro Arthur W Kamara, Rahmane Belkebiche, Alexandra Crenian, Chad E Concepcion, Emily Einsmann, Raphaël Gagnon, Oleg Kasynets, Julien Mercille, Brontë Poiré-Prest
Additional Cast - Anthony Abi-Nader, Émile de Vasconcelos-Taillefer, Linsey Myriam, Émile Woon, Isham T. Zekri, Charlton Diaz and Kimberly Bianca.
Stylist - Samuel Fournier
Costume Designer - Naouel Senouci
Make-Up Artist - Maina Militza
Hair Direction - Chanel Croker [DNS]
Hair Stylist - Corin Berry [DNS]
Assistant Hair Stylist - Ali Harcourt [DNS]
1st AD - Jonathan Jean-Pierre
Production Manager - Sabrina Jasmine
Production Coordinator - Marie-Soleil Patry
Production Assistant - Gaelle Leroyer
Steadicam Op - Jean Sebastien Caron
Colour Grade - Charles Etienne Pascal @ Shed
VFX - Erik Gagnon @ Mels

Special thanks to Cinepool, Video MTL & Cinelande

From: icon Vimeo   URL: http://vimeo.com/177970468