Ah, music videos!

MESSRS | Desert

by Daniel Principe
Official music video for the track "Desert", taken from Messrs EP Welcome to Nowhere. Produced as part of the Media Resource Centre's Clip It! Initiative, with sponsorship from MRC and Canon Australia.

A Studio Sunkie | Young Black Youth production (www.ssandyby.com)

Director / Producer / Director of Photography - Nima Nabili Rad
Producer / Editor / Colourist - Daniel Principe
Associate Producer / Wardrobe - Justin Pollheim
Focus Puller - David Tang
Camera Assistant / Production Manager - Emma McGavisk
Gaffer - Yuda Tatarko
Make Up Artist - Anita Rutter
Assistant Make Up - Yasmin Abdo, Monique Lively & Alana Murphy
Hair Stylists - Karen Hedger, Monique Lively & Megan Teague
Onset Photographer - Aaron Citti

Cast - Nicholas Munday, Sarah Nemet, Lauren Koopowitz, Angus Deane, Stephanie Antonopolous, Hayley Thomas, Heather Mcnab, Orly Darwent, Reuben Baron, Thomas Papps, Christian Bartlett, Ashlee Begley, Aidan Jackson Drewett, Annabel Bramley, Annabel Lane, Grace Henderson, Sage Habel, Dylain Herridge, Ryan Pepe, Tomas Stender, Chaz Fuda, Kate Krelsham

Thanks to:

The Media Resource Centre – Shane McNeil, Katie Powel, Kieran McNamara, Gareth Wilkes, Gail Kovatseff
Canon Australia
Joni's Theatre Bugs
Adelaide Artists Agency
SA Casting
The parents and family of the cast for their time and patience

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/messrsband?fref=ts
Itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/welcome-to-nowhere-ep/id573803901

From: icon Vimeo   URL: http://vimeo.com/59282725